Is your child falling behind at school because they can’t do basic Maths?

Do they really understand basic Maths? Are they using these key skills to get good results at school? Your child can change the way they do Maths – so that they not only understand it and can do it, but start getting better results more consistently.

The key to getting better results in Maths isn’t just repetition and being shown how to do it. It’s having good basic skills. Having good basic skills will give your child the foundation and confidence to try harder Maths – and feel less stressed about tests. Yet without basic skills, your child will need to rely on their calculator and will get to a point where they don’t know how to use it for more difficult Maths.

So how does your child move ahead? How can they get a better education in Maths without just being shown how to do it – without the understanding?

The Mathematics Workshop uses age-old methods

Basic Maths is basic Maths and hasn’t really changed over the years. It’s easy to learn and builds confidence quickly and is the critical foundation for being able to do more advanced Maths.

Imagine your child being confident with Maths at school – doing well in tests and getting great results. It can happen even if they don’t think it can.

So come with us on this adventure into the world of high school Maths. Instead of struggling with Maths, your child will learn how to do Maths the easy way.

Within the pages of this website, you’ll get videos and useful articles, absolutely free.

What’s the catch?

People ask me why I give so much valuable information free on this website. My answer is simple. I’ve learned from some fantastic people and I could never give back. This is my way of giving forward.

Which is why The Mathematics Newsletter, videos and articles will be always free. I have other products and tutoring workshops that you may like to buy to help increase your child’s knowledge, but the free information will always be FREE!

There’s no catch when you sign up to The Mathematics Workshop newsletter. You never have to buy anything and you’ll continue to get great content for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Dear Michael, I am so very grateful for what you have achieved with Benjamin and Thomas. Your tutoring has boosted their confidence and has brought back the enjoyment of tackling a challenge. I never have to ask them to do the homework which you give them as they enjoy doing it!!! I liked the manner in which you teach. You are a gifted teacher who can relate to your students on all levels and who can instill a positive approach. I believe you are an outstanding teacher who has been a positive influence on my children, they come away from their lesson having gained more than just the academics of Maths. Thank you Michael.
Beth Caballero
Frankston Sth, Vic

What makes The Mathematics Workshop different?

The two things that separate the work of The Mathematics Workshop from any other Maths tutoring site is learning with understanding and not just being shown how to do it and going back to the basics when needed.

Whether your child is in year 5 or doing VCE, they’ll gain a true understanding of Maths and they’ll improve at Maths without feeling like they have to be an expert at it.

It’s a system that engages your child in the learning so they understand it and can then do it on their own.

I’ve worked for other tutoring companies and been frustrated because they only focused on showing students how to do it, but not giving them the understanding. The reason I set up this website was to make high school Maths easy for students who struggle with it.

Where To Start On Your Journey

Start with the report on Is Your Child Making These Mistakes In Maths? It’s a tiny report that you can read in under 10 minutes. Instead of worrying about what to do to help your child you’ll find a short report outlining some key mistakes that students who struggle with Maths tend to make.

This report will give your child a couple of simple changes they can make to the way they do Maths. Most importantly in will put a sense of order into the way they do Maths. It will also help them to be ready to start the journey to becoming confident with Maths.

I recommend you read it and that you help your child to implement the changes it suggests. Click here to get the report Is Your Child Making These Mistakes In Maths? When you click on the link, you can subscribe to the The Mathematics Workshop newsletter, as well as get this nifty report.