Is Your Child Correcting Their Work?

If not, then they might be falling behind and not even knowing it.

Many of my students don’t correct their work. They do a whole exercise without checking any of their answers. They come to me for their regular tutoring lesson and when it comes to showing me what they’ve done during the week, I find out that none of their work has been corrected.

Sometimes they say to me that they think they’re doing the questions the right way and I ask them “How do you know for sure you’re doing them the right way?” and this makes them think about it.

Sometimes they are getting them all correct but more often than not there’s the odd question or two that they didn’t get right. So part of each lesson for these students is spent correcting their work and then going through the questions they didn’t get right.

Fear of Failure

Over the years I’ve learnt that sometimes when a student isn’t correcting their work, it’s because they don’t want to know that they’re getting the wrong answers again. They don’t really understand how to do the work and they do it how they think it needs to be done, but they know that they don’t really get it.

Their teacher doesn’t correct it, no-one corrects it and they don’t do well in the Maths test. This can go on for a while until parent teacher night or when their parents decide that something has to be done.

So making sure your child corrects their work is something that you can do to help them. It will alert them to the importance of doing it. It will also give you a clear update as to whether they’re on track with what they’re learning and you don’t have to wait for parent teacher night to find out how they’re going.

The Mistakes Report

The mistakes in this report are the same ones that most of the students who’ve come to me for tutoring were making. By avoiding these mistakes they could focus more easily on the “How to” part of Maths and started getting better results at school.

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