Is Your Child Struggling With Basic Maths?

The basics are the foundation for nearly everything in life – including Maths. If your child doesn’t have basic Maths skills then they won’t be able to progress to more advanced Maths.

Maths Skills Affect School And Life Beyond School

Maths skills are obviously important for school, but they are also important in other areas of life. Here are some situations where they are of value, in school and in life:

  • Classes in maths, science, industrial arts, life skills, and health
  • Home repairs, proportions used in cooking, measurements and conversions
  • Buying decisions, home budgeting, financial decisions, postage costs
  • The performance of a job and advancement often requires maths skills

Why Basic Maths?

Over the years of tutoring most of the students I’ve tutored didn’t have good basic Maths skills. They struggled with their school Maths. They didn’t get good results in tests. They weren’t confident with Maths.

Once they started learning or re-learning the basics they gained confidence and they found they could do the harder Maths they had been struggling with. Even year 12 students benefited from going back to basics.

Learning basic Maths skills is essential. It’s not taught a lot at school these days it seems. Students who struggle with Maths invariably lack basic skills and need to learn them. They’ll gain confidence and will know that they can do Maths.

The Mistakes Report

The mistakes in this report are the same ones that most of the students who’ve come to me for tutoring were making. By avoiding these mistakes they could focus more easily on the “How to” part of Maths and started getting better results at school.

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