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Does Your Child Need Help To Pass Maths?

Are they falling behind at school? Have they lost their confidence with Maths? Why, with all the latest technology at schools are students struggling with Maths? If your child is Your child can become good at Maths, without their calculator – even if they don’t think they can.

Understanding Is The Key

If your child doesn’t understand what they’re being taught in Maths they’ll have to rely on learning it by rote or by using their calculator. Neither of these 2 methods build the depth of understanding needed for high school Maths.

Lots of repetition on a regular basis may help them to remember how to do Maths but it isn’t really an interesting way to learn it. And they’ll eventually run into Maths problems that they won’t be able to solve – because they won’t have the logical thinking needed to understand what to do.

Homework Needs To Be A Solo Effort

Doing homework is where your child will find out if they can do the Maths.
Doing it on their own will really test their thinking ability. If they understand the process, they’ll have a good chance of getting through some or all of their homework. If they don’t then it can lead to frustration, sometimes anger and can put a real dent in their confidence – especially if it’s been happening for some time.

The Ultimate Confidence Crusher

Not getting through Maths homework usually leads to one thing – failing or not getting good results in tests. It’s not nice being the only one in the class who keeps getting the lowest score. It makes it harder to have a positive attitude about trying and can easily lead to giving up.

And beneath all of this is a lack of understanding – not understanding the concepts and not knowing the easy way of doing and remembering how to do Maths.

Why The Mathematics Workshop for Maths Tutoring?

There are two things that separate the work of The Mathematics Workshop from any other Maths tutoring site. Firstly, learning Maths with understanding and not just being shown how to do it. Secondly, going back to basic Maths when needed.
Whether your child is in year 5 or doing VCE, they’ll gain a true understanding of Maths and they’ll improve at Maths without feeling like they have to be an expert at it.

It’s a system that engages your child in the learning so they understand it and can then do it on their own.

I’ve worked for other tutoring companies and been frustrated because they only focused on showing students how to do it, but not giving them the understanding. The reason I set up this website was to make high school Maths easy for students who struggle with it.

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