How To Gain Confidence and Get Better Marks In Maths

Hi I’m Michael Wion and I tutor students who struggle with Maths. Struggling, frustrated and alone trying to do their homework and none of it makes sense to them. They get a bit of help from their teacher but they don’t really understand it enough to make significant progress at school.

Frustration and Failure

I used to teach students Maths at Eltham High school. One of my biggest frustrations was trying to help the students in my classes who were really struggling with Maths, in particular the year 7 & 8 students.

They would understand some of the concepts in each topic they were studying and show a little improvement but they would come unstuck in the next topic. They weren’t able to apply the understanding and skills they had just learnt, to the new topic. So once again they would experience frustration and failure in Maths.

No Real Progress

These students weren’t able to build upon the few skills they had learnt in each topic. They tried but as the questions became harder they got left behind. I finally realised that they were struggling because they didn’t understand some of the underlying concepts in each Maths topic they were studying!

So I decided to dig a little deeper and help these students by explaining the underlying concepts of the bit they were struggling with so they could make some progress. It helped them a bit but there just wasn’t enough time in class to do this. So I offered them help at lunchtimes.

Lunchtime Lessons

In these extra lunchtime lessons I found that most of the lesson was spent explaining the underlying concepts and not a lot of time was spent on their class work. This did however help these students with the class work that they initially couldn’t do. Although they had a good start on the beginnings of the class work, they still did not have the understanding or the skills to complete the remaining more difficult parts of the class work. They still struggled with their homework.

Something Was Missing

There was still something missing in their makeup that prevented them from progressing to more difficult Maths.

Next lesson in class a similar process would unfold. The struggling students would have trouble with the next section of work that was based upon the previous section. Having not fully understood the previous section they would get stuck on the new work and need extra help again with the underlying concepts. These students needed this extra one on one help with the underlying concepts in nearly every area of Maths that they were studying!

The Breakthrough

I soon came to realize that what these students really needed was some kind of structured learning program. This program would start at the most fundamental concepts of Maths that they didn’t understand. It would then build up to the level of Maths they needed in order to do their year level Maths…..rather than just “patching” up the areas they were struggling with.

And so started my Back to Basics Maths program. A structured learning program covering the fundamentals of Maths for Primary and Secondary school students.

A New Beginning

Now I had something that would actually help my students who were struggling with Maths. Since 1999 I’ve been developing and improving this basic Maths program. And it has helped hundreds of students in that time to overcome their frustrations and struggle to finally have confidence with Maths.

To not fear getting the wrong answer. To be more confident going into tests and getting better marks in Maths. It can also help your child if they are in a similar situation to have confidence with Maths. To not get frustrated and upset when they get stuck on their Maths homework and to start moving towards the top of their class.

What Next?

If your child is in year 7 or 8 and:

– is struggling with what seems to be basic Maths
– or is dreading each Maths test.
– or has a history of struggling with Maths
– or feels like giving up in Maths

and wants to do better than they’ve been doing so far then my Back to Basics program can help them to:

– overcome their frustration and lack of confidence
– become willing to try harder questions without the fear of getting the wrong answer
– become confident in tests
– get better results at school

Anyone can learn how to do Maths even if they’ve been struggling for a long time.

Contact me on 0410 577 469 for more details or register HERE for a free online assessment.