Back to Basics Tutoring that will Give your Child Confidence

And help them to finally succeed in Maths

Hello and welcome to the Mathematics Workshop! My name is Michael Wion and I tutor primary and secondary school students who struggle with Maths. Maths Tutor FrankstonWith my help they go from “can’t do Maths” to “can do Maths” with confidence and better results.

I’ve been tutoring school students in Maths since 1999. During this time I taught more than 11,000 private and small group lessons.

Trying but Not Succeeding

In these lessons I observed that most students didn’t have good basic Maths skills. They had either forgotten them or didn’t learn some or all of them in the first place.

They had no confidence with Maths and eventually got to the point where they were falling behind and failing tests. This wasn’t because they weren’t trying. It was because they didn’t have those basic Maths skills.

Skills that would have enabled them to progress further into the harder Maths they were getting stuck on. This would have given them a better chance of keeping up with the class and having some confidence with Maths.

Lunchtime Help

As a school teacher I used to help my students who struggled with Maths during lunchtimes. I did this by teaching them the underlying concepts of the questions they needed help with. However this “patchwork tutoring” didn’t give them any lasting results.

They still needed this type of help in every topic they tried and totally struggled in algebra because they didn’t have the conceptual understanding they needed.

What they really needed was some kind of structured program that would teach them the foundation skills they needed. Skills that would stair step them up to the level of their school Maths and enable them to do the Maths they were struggling with. It wasn’t until later on that I was able to create such a program.

Stair Stepping To Success In Maths

Since that time and after starting full time tutoring, my students used the Back to Basics Maths program I created. It helped them to learn Maths faster and easier than just helping them with their schoolwork and showing them how to do it.

  • My Back to Basics program can work for your child too.
  • It will stair step them up to the level of skills they need to do the school Maths they’re struggling with.
  • Your child will learn the critical basic Maths skills they’re missing, faster and easier with a lasting effect, rather than just being helped with the schoolwork they’re stuck on and showing them how to do it.
  • As your child works through the program they’ll be building a solid foundation of basic skills that will help them to make significant progress in Maths and get better marks at school.

The program is set up in a progression of exercises that will let your child learn one key concept at a time, master it, and be successful in the context of Maths they’ve seen before. They can then move onto the next concept.

For your child, it might be something they’ve already done, but not understood and practiced enough at school.

  • These same basic skills are the bridge that can take your child from “struggling with Maths” to being “confident with Maths” and getting better results.

Free Mini-Course That Will Boost Your Child’s Confidence

4 easy back to basics lessons that will boost your child’s confidence and start the skill building process they need to get back on track.

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