End The Struggling and Start Getting Better Results In Maths

Has your child always struggled with Maths? If so, then they’ll have gaps in their understanding of the basics. The free simple exercises I’m offering will get them started on the path to building their confidence with Maths.

  • They’ll feel better about getting the answers correct.
  • They’ll have the beginnings of being confident in a few areas of basic Maths.
  • They’ll know they can do some Maths.
  • They’ll be finally making progress in the right direction.
master basic maths

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“Dear Michael, thank you for the support you have given Sam. She came to you with low confidence and no belief in herself. You have changed the way she looks at homework with her attitude changing from being negative to positive and she will now give anything a try. She has won class times table champion which she would never have been able to do before coming to you. I highly recommend anyone considering your tutoring that it is worth every cent. Thanks again.” – – Kate
“I am so very grateful for what you have achieved with Benjamin and Thomas. Your tutoring has boosted their confidence and has brought back the enjoyment of tackling a challenge. I never have to ask them to do the homework which you give them as they enjoy doing it!!! I liked the manner in which you teach. You are a gifted teacher who can relate to your students on all levels and who can instil a positive approach. I believe you are an outstanding teacher who has been a positive influence on my children, they come away from their lesson having gained more than just the academics of Maths. Thank you Michael.” – – Beth
“Dear Michael, I have just read Andrew’s report and again he has received outstanding results in Maths and other subjects. You have helped him so much in this area and Alan and I would like to thank you for the help you have given Andrew and the excellent tutoring he receives from you which enables him to perform so well at school and achieve these results and comments. Thank you again.” – – Nadia and Alan

The Problem

Think about this. Most students start the year with good intentions for Maths. Putting in the effort to make their work neat and tidy, trying to do the work but somehow end up falling behind because they don’t understand Maths.

Many school students, both primary and secondary, struggle with Maths – why is this so? From what I’ve seen over the years of tutoring these students, I would have to say it’s a result of not having a solid foundation of basic Maths skills.

Most of the students who came to me for tutoring were falling behind at school. In their first lesson, I could see they didn’t have good basic skills. Once their basic skills improved, they could do the school Maths they didn’t understand. Without basic skills it’s almost impossible to make progress in Maths.

So my tutoring is always focused on making sure my students have good basic skills to start with. From there they have the tools and the confidence they need to progress to harder Maths.

What I believe

I believe that any student who has never really understood Maths can learn how to do it – even if they don’t think they can.

It all starts with learning or re-learning the basics. So focusing on the basics before looking at schoolwork is a necessary step. The basics will give them that confidence so they can try the harder Maths they’re struggling with and not fall in a heap when they don’t get it.

Tutoring is not just showing how to do the steps. It must be done in a way that students can understand the underlying concepts. Without any understanding Maths becomes just trying to remember the steps. You can memorise the steps to a point but as the problems get harder you won’t know what steps are needed.

What if your child was confident with Maths? What if they truly understood it and could develop better Maths skills and get ahead of the class – and eventually go on to do VCE Maths and then consider bigger and better career choices beyond?

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