How To Help Your Child Get Back On Track With Their School Maths

I’ve taught hundreds of students (primary and secondary school) how to do basic Maths and they used these basic skills to get better results at school.Maths Tutor Frankston

Hi I’m Michael Wion and I’m the creator of the Basic Maths Formula…it’s a system that’s been used by hundreds of secondary school students to go from struggling with Maths to getting the kind of results at school they would have never thought possible..

The impact has been amazing… my students have completely changed their attitude to Maths and their results at school.. I’ve tutored students from year 1 to year 12 Specialist Maths and even nurses and other adults who needed help to get into the Navy, Police and Fire fighting services – but the ones I get most excited about are the students who really struggle with Maths.. and end up turning their results and confidence completely around.

Free Basic Maths Class

  • In these free lessons your child will learn or re-learn the four fundamental skills needed for success in Maths.
  • Value packed video lessons with worksheet exercises and answers.

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