Your Child Can Learn Everything They Need To Be Successful In Maths

Hello and welcome to the Mathematics Workshop! My name is Michael Wion and I’ve been tutoring local and remote primary and high school students in school Maths since 1999. Maths Tutor Frankston

During this time I’ve been using the Back to Basics Maths program I created to help make learning Maths faster and easier for students who struggle with it.

I’ve taught more than 11,000 private and small group Maths lessons. I observed in these lessons that the number one reason students were struggling with their school Maths was because they didn’t have good basic Maths skills.

They had either forgotten these skills or didn’t learn some of them or even all of them in the first place.

They were struggling at school and eventually got to the point where they were falling behind in Maths and failing tests. This wasn’t because they weren’t trying. It was because they didn’t have those basic foundation skills that would have enabled them to make more inroads into the more complex Maths. This would have given them a better chance of keeping up with the class.

As a school teacher and tutor I used to help students who struggled with Maths. I did this by carefully explaining and teaching them the underlying concepts of what they needed help, However this didn’t give them any lasting results.

They still needed this type of help in every topic they tried and totally struggled in algebra because they didn’t really have the conceptual understanding they needed.

What they really needed was a basic Maths program that would teach them the foundation skills they needed. Skills that would stair step them up to the level of their school Maths and enable them to do the Maths they were struggling with.

Back to Basic Maths

So I started developing my Back to Basic Maths program.

It’s set up in a progression that lets students learn one key concept at a time, master it, and be successful all in the context of Maths they’ve seen before, and then they can move onto the next concept. For most students it’s something they’ve already done, but not understood and practiced enough at school.

These same basic skills are the bridge that can take your child from “can’t do Maths” to “can do Maths” and beyond.

Here’s What We’re Going To Do Together

  • Boost your child’s confidence.
  • Develop a more daring adventurous spirit when trying harder Maths questions.
  • Perfect their work presentation.
  • Establish a solid foundation of the basics.
  • Create unstoppable confidence.

Fast Action Discount Off Your Child’s Assessment Lesson

*50% off the normal rate if you book your assessment lesson in the first 48 hours after you sign up for my “Maths Tips” newsletter.

In this one hour private lesson:

  • You’ll find out the areas of weakness your child needs to improve in.
  • Your child will will work on a couple of those areas in the lesson with me to help them if they get stuck – this will give them a small but noticeable boost of confidence when they start getting the right answers.
  • They’ll get a homework sheet related to what they did in the lesson (with answers) for further practice which will help build their confidence when they complete it at home.

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