Most students make mistakes in Maths. Not just writing the wrong number or writing a negative sign instead of a positive sign. They make mistakes in the way they do Maths. These mistakes make Maths harder for them to do. Here’s the first mistake of the top 10 mistakes students make in Maths and how [...]

One of the best techniques when you’re doing VCE Maths Methods exams is to look for the questions that you can do first of all.

Most students who struggle with Maths don’t have good basic Maths skills. It’s more than likely that your child is struggling for the same reason – not having good basic Maths skills. Basic Maths skills are the foundation for more difficult Maths. Just like the basics of any skill and understanding – they’re always the [...]

Finding the right tutor for your child is important. There are a many tutoring programs and private tutors out there. If I was looking for a Maths tutor for my child, I would want a Maths tutor who: Knows their stuff. Can relate to my child. Has a working with children check. Has experience tutoring [...]