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Michael Wion

Hi I’m Michael Wion, and I tutor school students who are struggling with their school Maths.

I’ve helped many students to turn their Maths around and get back on track at school, and I’ll help your child do the same.

Are Any Of These Things Happening To Your Child?

  • They don’t have any confidence with Maths.
  • They’re struggling with their Maths homework and it’s affecting other things they do.
  • They’re starting to feel like they’re no good because they can’t do Maths.

Most of the students who come to me for tutoring have one or more of these things happening to them. After their first few lessons with me they start to realise that they can do Maths. Over time their confidence builds and they become more willing to have a go at harder questions without worrying about getting the wrong answer.

Your child too can also experience success like this in Maths even if they don’t think they can.

First Steps to Getting Back on Track

The key to getting your child back on track with their school Maths is to fill in the gaps they have in their understanding of the basics. As these gaps are filled in over time, their confidence and understanding will grow and they’ll find Maths easier to do.

The first step is to find those gaps. Then your child will be able to make a start on learning or re-learning the skills where the gaps are. With additional homework targeting the same areas where they have those gaps, they’ll be developing the foundation they need to make greater progress at school.

Why the Foundations Are Critical

If your child doesn’t have a strong foundation of basic skills, Maths will probably remain a struggle for them. They’ll be able to do some of the Maths using their calculator but doing this won’t give them the understanding that a strong foundation gives. They may be able to do some of the Maths but they won’t be able to do more complex questions. Like many students who struggle with Maths, they may end up losing interest in doing Maths and may possibly give up trying.

If they do have a strong foundation the opposite will happen. They’ll have confidence in their basic skills. They’ll be more confident about having a go at harder questions without the fear of getting the wrong answer. They’ll be more likely to do better in tests and exams.

The confidence that being able to do Maths will give them, will rub off into other areas of their schooling and even into after school activities.

They may even end up liking Maths! As one of my students said to me “I’m actually starting to like Maths.” (This was from Ashlee who struggled with basic Maths in year 8 and went on to successfully do VCE Maths Methods in year 12.)

Getting Started With Tutoring

The first step is for your child to have an assessment to find out where they have gaps in their understanding of the basics. Then an individual program will be tailored to target those areas.
To find out more details or to make an appointment contact me on 0410 577 469.

Assessments can be done online in a free assessment via Skype. To make a time to have an assessment via Skype Click Here.

Best regards.

Michael Wion -

Michael Wion
Maths Tutor Frankston
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