Can Your Child Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Whole Numbers Confidently?

If not then enter your email in the box below and get your child started on some simple arithmetic exercises over the next four days. Doing these will start to build their confidence in those areas. There’s a video with each exercise. It will explain how to do each type of sum. There’s answers for all of the exercises.

Free Ideas, Inspiration, and Strategies for Building Maths Skills

From time to time I put out a video or a post about something I’ve learned in my two decades of tutoring. And sometimes I have pretty cool people stop by to share their thoughts on Maths. Just click any of the links below for my best stuff on building your Maths skills.

Finding teaching your child is harder than you thought it would be? Here’s 3 tips that can make teaching more fun and very effective…

If not then that’s more than likely why they’re struggling with Maths. Most of the students who’ve come to me for tutoring since 1999 were struggling with their school Maths…

What is the 55? It’s simple tool that can help your child get Maths homework done more effectively…especially if they don’t look forward to doing it.

Private lessons are different to group lessons…they both have benefits for the learner. Which is the best type of lesson for your child?