Can Your Child Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Whole Numbers Confidently?

If not then that’s more than likely why they’re struggling with Maths. Most of the students who’ve come to me for tutoring since 1999 were struggling with their school Maths…nearly all of them had poor basic Maths skills.

When they had their assessment lesson nearly all of them struggled with Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of numbers…division has been the skill that most students weren’t able to do at all.

They also had weaknesses in other areas…but the lack of number skills I’ve found…has been the biggest factor that determined their Mathematical ability. As their arithmetic skills improved, so did their skills in other areas.

Good number skills make the difference

If your child doesn’t have good number skills then they have to rely on their calculator…this doesn’t really build their skills or their confidence with numbers.

Having good number skills will give your child not only the confidence to do calculations..but it will give them the familiarity with numbers that they need to do advanced Maths.

Number skills are critical foundation skills

Maths involve numbers and some kind of calculation(s) with these numbers. If your child doesn’t have the number skills to do the calculations…then that in itself makes nearly every problem they do more complicated.

The number skills are the foundation skills of Maths that are among the easiest to learn but have the most profound effect on the understanding of Maths.

Good number skills build confidence in other areas

I see this in my students. As they practice basic arithmetic on a regular basis, their confidence increases incrementally week by week.

As this happens they become more willing to try Maths they couldn’t do before. This confidence also snowballs into other non Maths related areas of their life.

And all of this start with practicing basic arithmetic…something that schools don’t spend a lot of time encouraging students to do…but something that is part of my Back to Basics tutoring for students who struggle with Maths.