Does Your Child Need Help To Pass Maths?

Hello and welcome to the Mathematics Workshop! My name is Michael and I’ve been teaching local and remote primary and high school students since 1999.

During this time I’ve been using a Basic Maths program I created to help make learning Maths faster and easier for students who struggle with it. I’ve taught almost 9,000 private and small group lessons using this program.

The #1 Reason Why Students Struggle with Maths

What I’ve observed over the years, probably the number one reason my students were struggling with their school Maths and eventually got to the point where they were failing and falling behind at school was:

  • Not because they weren’t trying…
  • But because they didn’t have a solid foundation of basic Maths skills to do their school Maths.

Teaching them the underlying concepts of the school Maths they were struggling with didn’t give them any lasting results. They still needed this type of help in every topic they tried and most of all in Algebra.

From Struggling to Better Results

What they really needed was a basic Maths program that would teach them the foundation skills they needed. So started my Back to Basics Maths program. My students have used it successfully to:

  • Turn their Maths results completely around.
  • Have confidence with Maths.
  • Get better marks and a better understanding of their school Maths.

And now it’s an online course.

Back to Basics Mini-course

This mini-course, is a good way for struggling students to try some simple basic Maths exercises, have a few small successes in Maths and feel like they can do Maths. It gives your child a chance to try it and see if they like it. Click here for more details.

Back to Basics Tutoring

If you want individual or small group lessons for your child they may need to use some or all of the same basic Maths exercises as part of their tutoring lessons. By the end of their first lesson they will have learnt, understood and practiced some basic Maths skills. Click here for more details.

VCE Maths Tutoring

If you want individual or small group lessons for your child the focus with be on helping them with the questions they’re stuck on. By the end of their first lesson they’ll have learnt and understood how to do some or all of the questions they were stuck on. Click here for more details.