Worried about your next Maths exam?

Worried About Your Next Maths Exam?

Need help studying for tests?

Are your upcoming exams a bit like going to the dentist? Unpleasant but something that have to be done. The good thing is that your exams are not as physically painful as going to the dentist. And usually once you’re in your exam your fears will subside as you shift your focus from worrying about failing to how to best answer each question. However it is in the lead up to your exam that you may be wondering How to Study for Maths Tests?

You’re not sure of an approach that will give you the best preparation. There is only so much time available and you have exams in four or five other subjects to study for also. So it is important that your preparation is effective. So what is an effective way to prepare and study for your next Maths exam?

Would it be best to go through each chapter that you have studied? And re-do each of the questions that you have previously done? Or only do selected questions from each chapter? How much time do you need to put in when studying for your exams? What is the best approach for you to take?

In a nutshell you need to successfully complete as many questions as you can in the time you have available. The tricky bit is that you don’t know exactly what questions will be on the exam. But you do know which topics you will be examined on. So basically you need to practice questions like the ones you have already done during the year.

So how do you do this? How do you get through all the questions that you have done during the year or semester in the few weeks leading up to the exam? How can you cover every type of question you have done?

By doing only selected problems from each topic. You don’t have to re-do every question that you have previously completed. You only have to do enough to refresh your mind so you remember what you have already learnt during the year. The trick is to know which problems to study.

So a good place to start when preparing for your Maths exam is the chapter reviews. Although they do not cover every single type of question in the chapter, they cover the main types of questions. If you get stuck on any of them then you need to go back to that exercise in the chapter and practice some similar questions. So by doing the chapter review you are really doing a mini test on that section of work.

Once you have done the chapter reviews a good thing to do is to go to all the questions you did get stuck on in each chapter the first time round. Then see if you can get them correct this time. See if you can do them straight off the bat. Without looking at the correct solution.

Once you get through these questions then go to your tests. Re-do them and see if you can get all the questions correct. Again only look at the correct solutions after first having a go yourself.

Then get some practice exams or revision sheets from your teacher. And practice them.

And as usual make sure you correct every single question you do. It is not enough just to do the questions without finding out if they are correct. And of course always ask someone for help if you do get stuck.

The other key element is to do a bit of study each day rather than a whole lot on the weekend in one day. Small consistent efforts lead to greater understanding and retention of skills. And a solid foundation that is being re-built day by day. Remember the tortoise and the hare story?

And the other thing is that you don’t necessarily need to do these suggestions in the order outlined above. You can modify your approach and go straight to the harder questions first. The suggestions above are really a guide if you’re not sure where to start. Find out what works for you and start preparing. It is always best to find and use what works for you.

And….the real key for preparing for Maths exams is to practice questions. Don’t spend a lot of time reading notes. You will not be asked questions about your notes. You will be asked how to solve problems. So they are what you need to practice doing.

So get started now if you have been hesitating in making a start on your preparation. Put in as much time early on so you have time up your sleeve if you get stuck later on.

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