How to understand Maths

You need to do these things if you want to know how to understand Maths:

  • Listen to your teacher when they’re showing you how to do something in Maths.
  • Ask for help if you don’t understand what they’re saying or showing you on the board.
  • Copy the examples they’ve shown you and then make sure you set out your steps down the page.
  • When doing the exercise show the steps in your working out – this way you can follow them to see what you did when you’re reviewing your work for a test. You can also see if you’ve made any mistakes.
  • Correct your work after each question to make sure you’re getting them right – ask your teacher if you’re doing them the right way.
  • Do plenty of homework so you develop the skills in each question and so you understand how to do them.
  • Always ask someone for help if you can’t do your homework.
  • Pester your teacher for help with the homework questions you got stuck on.
  • Start reviewing the questions you’ve done in the topic at least 3 days before the test.
  • Go over any questions you got wrong in the test when you get it back from your teacher.
  • Reward yourself if you get a good mark for your test.