How your child can Improve their Number Skills… with your help

One way your child can improve their number skills is to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers until they’re good at them.

Another way is to play games that have been designed to improve their number skills.

The video below will show you a game that is fun and that will also help your child to learn some basic addition facts.

Once you and your child understand the game a good way to start each time you play it, is to ask what number your child wants the number to be. You can do this at any stage as long as your child understands how to play the game. They will tend to pick a number that’s not too big, usually a number they think they can easily remember the pairs that the numbers adds up to.

As they become more confident playing the game they may ask difficult numbers to start with. If they can play the game and get the right answers, it’s a clear sign they have improved their number skills beyond the pairs of numbers that add up to ten.

When is a good time to play it? My students liked playing in their tutoring lessons. I usually played the game with them about halfway through their lesson so they could have a break that was a bit of fun and was still about Maths.