Maths Tutor Frankston

Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a qualified secondary teacher with more than twenty-three years experience tutoring Primary and Secondary school students in Maths.maths tutor frankston

I specialise in tutoring students who struggle with Maths or who have a history of struggling with it.

I tutor from my home in Frankston and I also tutor students online using Skype and Zoom.

I recommend students commit to weekly lessons to get noticeable benefits. Students generally find a day and time that works for them and that weekly appointment is reserved just for them.

Some students like to meet twice a week and others just when they need additional help. In general, one lesson per week works best for most students.

My goal is to help students feel comfortable and confident with Maths and to help them boost their understanding and their results. Towards this goal, sessions are customised for what each student needs.

​In any given session, areas are covered where there are questions or confusion first. Then, time is spent reviewing recent topics and sometimes previewing upcoming topics.

Also, preparing for quizzes and tests is an ongoing part of Maths so simulating the quiz or test taking experience is focused on as well.

Furthermore, while working with individual students, weak areas that are uncovered will be reviewed and worked on so as to fill in these gaps.

Back To Basics Essentials – Years 5 to 10

If your child has been struggling with Maths for some time, then it’s more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of the basics.

The focus for them will be on filling in those gaps to start with….

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VCE Maths Methods – Year 11 & 12

If your teenager is struggling with Math Methods then it’s more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of underlying Maths Methods concepts.

It’s also more than likely they are disorganised in the way they set out their work which makes it difficult to do the harder questions.

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Skype Tutoring – Year 5 to VCE Maths Methods

Complementary first lesson to get your child started on some Maths questions they need help with and also to see if like the way I explain Maths.

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