Maths Tutor Frankston

Is Your Child Struggling With Maths?

Hi, my name is Michael and I help students who struggle with Maths to get back on track and get better results at school.Maths Tutor Frankston

I’ve had many school students come to me for tutoring…most of them were struggling with Maths. Some had just started struggling and others had always struggled with it.

All of them were able to turn their Maths around with my help. Many of them went on to do VCE Maths Methods…with Maths being their best subject…others went on to do Further Maths which ended up being their best subject. Many of them got into the course they wanted to.

They got these kind of results because they were motivated to start with…and they put the time in at school and at home to practice what they learned in their tutoring sessions with me.

Your child can have results like this too…even if they’ve totally lost their confidence with Maths and don’t think they can.

Back To Basics Essentials

Has your child has been struggling with Maths for some time? If so then its more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of the basics. The focus with them will be on filling in those gaps to start with…

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VCE Maths Methods – Year 11 & 12

Is your teenager struggling with the harder questions in only a few topics…or in most of the topics? Either way they may have gaps in their understanding of underlying Maths Methods concepts…and possibly in some underlying basic Maths concepts. This usually leads to not being able to do the more difficult questions….

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Skype Tutoring – Free Assessment Lesson

Save precious petrol and traveling time by having private lessons online via Skype or Zoom. Complementary 45min Skype assessment lesson to see if online tutoring will work for your child…

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