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Is your child struggling with what seems to be simple Maths? Have they lost their confidence with Maths? If they have then all is not lost.

The Problem

Many high school students today struggle with Maths…why?
Some of the reasons are:

  • Not understanding their teacher.
  • Relying on their calculator and losing touch with their basic Maths skills.
  • Not doing enough homework.
  • Not studying for tests.
  • ..and probably other reasons as well.

The main reason they struggle I feel is because they lack basic Maths skills. This has been shown to be true with students I’ve tutored.

Nearly every one of them had poor basic Maths skills. As a result they were struggling with their school Maths. For some reason they didn’t have these basic skills….Why?

Not Enough Basic Maths Practice

I think it’s because of not practicing basic Maths enough in the junior years of high school and possibly at primary school…for one reason or another.

This resulted in them not having a strong foundation for Maths beyond the basics.

Just showing them how to do the Maths they’re stuck on doesn’t really solve the problem. Trying to remember how to do the different ways of solving Maths problems, without theThey understanding of the underlying concepts and skills will only take your child so far.

What they need is good basic skills to build on. Then the harder Maths starts to becomes easier.

Even if they’re really struggling at school then all is not lost. It’s a simple matter to relearn the basics…no matter what year level your child is in.

The Solution

The solution is to learn or re-learn key basic Maths skills and periodically practice them if needed. Doing this will keep your child in touch with those skills while they progress through their school years.

If your child has been struggling with Maths for a while then it’s essential that they learn and practice the basic skills they’ve either forgotten or didn’t learn in the first place.

This will give them confidence as they stair step they way up to the level of the school Maths they’re struggling with.

However if they don’t learn these skills and get back on track then the Maths will only get harder and at some point your child may want to give up Maths.

Small Steps To Start With

The most important aspect of tutoring your child will be to not overload them with too much too soon. It’s all about getting them started on the easy basic skills first. They need to have something they can do so they have success in each lesson.

By focusing on only a few areas of basic Maths to start with, your child will be able to develop skills in each of them more easily. As they learn the skills in these areas they’ll gain confidence in them. This is the time to branch out into other areas and repeat the process.

Learning basic Maths skills is a step by step building process. It can be done in conjunction with your child’s school Maths. However the best results can be achieved by focusing on learning the basics to start with.

Over time your child will find that they can use those skills in areas of their school Maths.

What To Expect

Over time your child will steadily grow more confident with the basic Maths exercises.

At some point they’ll be more confident than they were the week before. It’s like a tipping point where the skills and understanding they’ve developed, overpower the self doubt they had about Maths.

I’ve seen this happen with my students. They’ll be more focused and more open to trying harder questions. They’re starting to get how to do their schoolwork and it’s starting to get easier.

Your child will find that they can do Maths. That they can do harder questions and not worry about getting the wrong answer. That they can do better in tests and can be as good at Maths as even the smartest kids in their class.

Private Lessons

If your child is really struggling with Maths and needs constant help to learn and understand it then they may need a few private lessons to get started.

When they’ve learnt enough skills to develop some confidence they may be ready to move into a group.

Small Group Lessons

In a group lesson your child can develop more confidence than they will in private lessons for a couple of reasons.

Mainly because they’ll be asking and answering questions in front of the other students in the group. If they get used to that then they’ll develop more confidence over time.

And also because they’ll be having a go at the problems on their own. If they can get through them on their own, then they’ll feel more confident about doing similar problems at home on their own.

Your child will also learn from the questions that the other students in the group will ask. And I’ve found that most students like helping each other when I’m busy helping another student.

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