Back to Basics Essentials… that will give your child the confidence and skills they need to succeed in Maths

If your child is:

  • Struggling with what seems to be simple Maths.
  • Has always struggled with Maths.
  • Falling behind in Maths.
  • Doesn’t have any confidence with Maths but wants to get better at it.

Then my back to basics Maths tutoring program will help them to:

  • Go from struggling with Maths to being confident with Maths.
  • Go from failing Maths tests to passing them with confidence.
  • Develop the confidence and the basic Maths skills they need to get back on track at school and as they learn these skills they’ll find that their school Maths starts to become easier.

What your child will get from learning the basics

  • Firstly a better understanding of the questions they don’t understand – Whatever questions they’re getting stuck on, I’ll explain how to do them them in a way your child will understand. If one way doesn’t work then I’ll keep trying different ways until they do understand.
  • Better focus and listening skills
  • Their confidence will keep growing as they learn the basics – They’ll find the exercises relatively easy to do and they’ll soon be doing them with confidence. For some this happens in the first few lessons. For others it can take a little longer depending on their attitude and how long they’ve been struggling with Maths.
  • Start making more progress at school – Learning and practicing the basics they’ve forgotten or didn’t understand in the first place will enable them to make progress. This will happen as they start using their basic skills in their schoolwork, step by step to the schoolwork they were struggling with and beyond.
  • Get ahead of their class – Most of my students end up going ahead of their class once they get on top of the basics. Your child can also do this if they put in the effort.

At some point your child will find that their school work starts to get easier. For some students this is after a few weeks of tutoring and for others it can take longer.

Filling the Gaps in Your Child’s Understanding

The first step is for your child to have an assessment lesson.

  • A basic Maths diagnostic test to start with – the important thing about the test is that your child knows that it’s only for you (and myself as their tutor) to see what they can and can’t do and that it doesn’t matter if they don’t know how to do all of the questions. This can lessen any pressure and worry they have about getting wrong answers or not knowing how to do them.
  • Getting started on relevant exercises – The next step is getting your child started on their first exercise. It’s important with students who have lost confidence and struggle with Maths to not overload them with too much too soon. It’s all about getting them started on the easy basic skills first. They need to have something they can do so they have some success in their first lesson.
  • Focusing on only a few areas of basic Maths to start with will help your child to develop skills in each of them more easily. Getting skilled in these few areas first, then branching out to other areas when the time is right.

Typical Results

The main reason why students struggle with Maths I’ve found, is because they have those gaps in their understanding. Nearly every student I’ve tutored had poor basic Maths skills. However, as soon as they started focusing on the basics, things started to improve:

  • Their confidence and “newfound skills” enabled them to understand and get better at the Maths they had been struggling with.
  • Some of them were ahead of their class and many of them eventually went on to do VCE Maths.

What works and what doesn’t

As a school teacher I would show my struggling students how to do the steps. Some of them caught on but still needed help in every lesson and didn’t make any real progress. They didn’t have the foundation skills they needed, to even do the easier questions in each topic.

  • If your child has been struggling with Maths for some time then it’s almost certain they have gaps in their understanding of the basics. Without filling in these gaps your child will not make significant progress in Maths.
  • They may be able to rely on a calculator, learn by rote or get help with their homework. These approaches seldom have lasting effects because they don’t address the issue of the missing underlying concepts and skills.

What works is that your child learns and practices the basic skills that they’ve either forgotten or didn’t learn in the first place. This will give them confidence as they stair step their way to the level of the school Maths they’re struggling with

Types of Lessons

Private Lessons.

If your child is really struggling with their school Maths and needs constant help to learn and understand the basics then they may need a few private lessons to get started.

When they’ve learnt enough skills to develop some confidence they may be ready to move into a group.

Small Group Lessons.

In a group lesson your child can develop more confidence than they will in private lessons for a couple of reasons.

Mainly because they’ll be asking and answering questions in front of the other students in the group. If they get used to that then they’ll develop more confidence over time.

And also because they’ll be having a go at the problems on their own. If they can get through them on their own, then they’ll feel more confident about doing similar problems at home on their own.

Your child will also learn from the questions that the other students in the group will ask. And I’ve found that most students like helping each other when I’m busy helping another student.

Is There A Set Format For Group Lessons?

No, there isn’t a set format for group lessons. I don’t teach the students in a group as a group. Each of them works on their own learning program or schoolwork and that will be the same for your child if they join a group lesson.

Book an Assessment lesson

The first step before getting started on this program is for you child to have an online assessment lesson to find out their areas of weakness and to get started on their individual learning program. To make a booking for this lesson click HERE


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