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Before you take up more time on this site or set up a free trial, it makes sense to check that the system we use is probably suitable for you and your child.

So please look through the three statements below to check they fit your situation:

1. I have a child aged between 11 and 16 who is falling behind his or her potential.

2. We have tried other approaches and I do not think just “doing more” or “just getting help with homework” is necessarily the best answer for my child. I want a system that fits my child.

3. I/We can devote 10-15 minutes per day to do the online lesson with my child most days.

Our Guarantee

We know you may have had frustrations with other systems in the past, which is why we offer the 6-lesson free trial and our unique unconditional 30-day success guarantee.


You can check our pricing to be sure you feel it is appropriate for this task. I view learning to do Maths as one of the most important parts of a child’s education and I do everything that might be needed to make sure this process is a success. So it is not cheap, but I routinely hit my 100% success goal most months.

Your privacy

I hate spam too. I will never share your details with any third party, ever. Find out more…

Questions, Worries or Problems?

You can email me at any time to sort out any questions or difficulties you have. Just go to the Contact Us page. My personal support is a huge part of what we deliver.

Once you have created an account, just go to our login page to do your lessons (top right menu). You can then also send us questions within your account.


Our system works best on a computer using Google Chrome. You can use an iPad but it might not work as well. You can download Chrome for Mac & Windows (go to bottom left of page and click on “Other Platforms”) from HERE

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6 Lesson Free Trial

6 easy lessons that will boost your child’s confidence and start the skill building process they need to get back on track with Maths.

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