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Hi my name is Michael and I can help you get through Maths Methods and get the results you want in your tests, SAC’s and exams.Maths Tutor Frankston

I’ve done Maths Methods…I’ve put the time in doing textbook questions for homework and not been able to do the harder questions…I know how frustrating this is…I also know how important it is for you to find out as quickly as you can…how to do those questions that you’re getting stuck on.

If you don’t then you’re only making it harder for yourself to get the higher results that you want…the sooner you find out how to do those questions you’re stuck on…the more time you’ll have to go over them again…and have a much more solid understanding of how to do them.

This means better results for you in your tests.

How To Win In Math Methods

Many of the Methods students I’ve tutored were struggling with Methods when they first came to me…they’d fallen behind because they weren’t able to do those harder questions…and for some of them…because they didn’t understand how to do Methods.

They were taking shortcuts when doing questions…not doing enough steps in their working out. They were also relying on their calculator too much to do questions. Together these two habits made it harder for them to understand the concepts and step by step method that makes Maths Methods easier to do.

If this is what you’re doing and you’re not getting the results you want…then you firstly need to use more steps…this will help improve your understanding of how to solve the problems.

Secondly you also need to learn how to use the calculator in a way that you’re not relying on it so much to solve the problems…a good way of doing this is to do the problems using pen and paper first…then do the problem using the calculator.

That way you’ll be getting good at both.

Getting Help

Doing more steps, using your calculator and getting help with the questions you’re stuck on as soon as you can are only some of the things I teach my students.

My tutoring will help you learn:

  • how to do the questions you’re getting stuck on – this will give you an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts and the step by step methods in each question.
  • how to solve past exam questions – getting started on them now will take you to a higher level of understanding of how to solve harder questions
  • an easy way of getting started on harder questions when you don’t know where to start – this technique helps build your confidence and over time builds your understanding of how to do the harder questions
  • how to be super organised so that methods is easier and less stressful even if you’re getting stuck on a lot of questions – this will help you to “switch off” and then “switch on” more easily without having the worry that you should be doing homework or study
  • being super organised will help you to improve in many areas your setting out so that you can find work you’ve done
  • the “55 then 55” – a simple way to get homework done more effectively

and many more.

Next Steps

If you’re motivated and you want to get better results than what you’re getting currently…I can help you. If you can learn to be disciplined in doing homework and making any changes that are making Methods harder for you to learn…and if you like the way I teach…then my tutoring will work for you and you will get better results.

If you just want to be shown how to do Methods without the understanding then I won’t be able to help you.

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I’ve Tutored Students Who Attended These Schools

Haileybury College, Toorak College, The Peninsula School, Padua College, John Paul College, Woodleigh, Balcombe Grammar, Melbourne High School, Mentone Boys & Girls Grammar, Melbourne High School, Lilydale High School, Frankston High School, McClelland College, Elizabeth Murdoch College, Bayside Christian College, St.Leonards, St.Peters in Cranbourne, Frankston Tafe, Kilbreda College, Dromana Secondary College, Patterson River Secondary College, Carrum Downs Secondary College

Most of them did very well in Methods. A couple of them were Dux at their school. Some were struggling with Maths when they came to me for tutoring and ended up doing Methods. All of them improved their results at school. All of them gained confidence with Maths. Some of them completely turned their results around. It’s been a pleasure teaching them over the years. If you decide to try my tutoring it will be my pleasure to help you get better marks in Maths too.