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Tutoring That Will Help You Get Through Maths Methods with Less Stress and Better Results

Are you always getting stuck on the harder questions? Are you getting the results you want in Math Methods?

Hi my name is Michael and I’ll help you get through Math Methods with less stress and better results in your tests, SAC’s and exams. Maths Tutor Frankston
I’ll help you with all the questions you’re getting stuck on.

I did Methods at high school and I know what it’s like to be in this position. Getting stuck on questions and having no clue how to do them. Then worrying about how you’re going to go in the test.

Then finding out there’s so many questions in the test you haven’t seen before and you’re not able to do them. Then ending up with a crap score in the test.

How To Win In Math Methods

You can win in Methods if you don’t have a tutor – but it’s a hard way of doing it. It takes up a lot of time. You have to rely on help from teachers, lunchtime and after school classes, YouTube videos and friends and family.

You might not get the help you need for all the questions you’re stuck on. It’s not an ideal way to do it…but it can be done. I did it that way (without the YouTube videos) when I was at school because I didn’t have a tutor.

The best way to win in Methods is to get a tutor. It will save you so much time and it will speed up your progress.

In each tutoring lesson I’ll:

  • Teach you how to do the harder textbook questions you’re stuck on – so you can keep up with your class.
  • Explain everything to you in a way that you’ll understand and answer your questions along the way – so that you really get it.
  • Teach you how to do VCAA past exam questions – so you get used to them and so you get better at solving them on your own.

You’ll find that you can do similar questions on your own at home because you’ve understand how to do them in your tutoring lessons.

You can also review the recording (zoom) of each lesson when you need to hear and watch it again.

An Effective Way of Learning Math Methods

The idea is that you come to each lesson prepared with all the questions you got stuck on during the week. I’ll go through each question you need help with, again explaining them in easy to understand terms.

I won’t just show you how to do them. I’ll be asking you how to do each step. If you don’t know the steps I’ll guide you to them. That way you’ll be totally focused on the solving process. You’ll learn more effectively this way than just being shown how to do the questions.

Doing Maths Methods Homework

Once you understand the questions you were stuck on you’ll get better at those types of questions.

As you build a repertoire of questions that you know how to do, you’ll feel better about understanding them.This will give you the confidence to have a go at the harder questions.

You’ll get through more homework on your own at home. You won’t be worrying when you get stuck on questions because you know you’ll learn how to do them in your next tutoring lesson.

You’ll be able to switch off and relax more easily after doing your Methods homework because it will be all under control. It will be all neatly organised and ready with questions highlighted for your next tutoring lesson. So you can forget about Maths until then.

Next Steps

If you’re motivated and you want to get better results than what you’re getting currently…I can help you. If you can be disciplined about doing homework and making any changes that are making Methods harder for you to learn…and if you like the way I teach…then my tutoring will work for you and you will get better results

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I’ve Tutored Students Who Attended These Schools

Haileybury College, Toorak College, The Peninsula School, Padua College, John Paul College, Woodleigh, Balcombe Grammar, Melbourne High School, Mentone Boys & Girls Grammar, Melbourne High School, Lilydale High School, Frankston High School, McClelland College, Elizabeth Murdoch College, Bayside Christian College, St.Leonards, St.Peters in Cranbourne, Frankston Tafe, Kilbreda College, Dromana Secondary College, Patterson River Secondary College, Carrum Downs Secondary College

Most of them did very well in Methods. A couple of them were Dux at their school. Some were struggling with Maths when they came to me for tutoring and ended up doing Methods. All of them improved their results at school. All of them gained confidence with Maths. Some of them completely turned their results around. It’s been a pleasure teaching them over the years. If you decide to try my tutoring it will be my pleasure to help you get better marks in Maths too.