Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

Private lessons are different to group lessons…they both have benefits for the learner. Which is the best type of lesson for your child? It really depends on what your child needs help with.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are best for students who need to work on what they’ve been taught in each tutoring lesson. Students tend to bring their schoolwork to each lesson so they can use the tutoring lesson to get help…with questions they got stuck on during the week and also any that they get stuck on in each lesson.

Students like this also prefer to be in a group where they can have some interaction with the other students in the lesson.

Group Lessons Will Build More Confidence In Your Child

In a group lesson your child will develop more confidence than they will in private lessons for a couple of reasons.

Firstly because they’ll be asking and answering questions in front of the other students in the group. Most students are ok with the idea of being in a group once they realise that it’s not like school.

And secondly because they’ll be having a go at the problems on their own. If they can get through them on their own, then they’ll feel more confident about doing similar problems at home on their own.

Your child will also learn from the questions that the other students in the group will ask. And I’ve found that most students like helping each other when I’m busy helping another student.

Is There A Set Format For Group Lessons?

No, there isn’t a set format for group lessons. I don’t teach the students in a group as a group. Each student works on their own learning program or schoolwork and asks for help when they get stuck.

Each student is at a different point of learning and understanding. And they might already understand the concepts that would be covered in a set format lesson.

All students get stuck on Maths at some point and they get stuck mostly on different questions. So they need to have their specific questions answered. And this is also what will happen if your child joins one of our group lessons.

Private Lessons for Undivided Help

In private lessons your child will get one on one help and the undivided attention from myself.

If your child is really struggling with Maths and needs constant help to learn and understand it then they may need a few private lessons to get started.

When they’ve learnt enough skills and have developed some confidence they may be ready to move into a group.

Benefits of Private Lessons

Dedicated ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade students definitely benefit from private lessons. They don’t need to do similar questions to the ones they need help with benefit highly from having private lessons. , they have the understanding and skills to go through them on their own once they’ve understood what they were stuck on,

Private lessons are highly beneficial for these students…as long as they’re putting time into doing questions for homework and not relying on the lesson to get through Maths.

I’ve had some students who like this…highly capable of doing Maths…they understood the explanations I gave them…however…they were relying on their weekly tutoring lesson to get through.

They weren’t putting in much time at home on Maths homework and they didn’t end up getting the kind of results they wanted. They would have benefitted more by being in a group lesson.

In Summary

As a tutor I do private lessons for motivated students who:

  • Have always struggled with Maths and need the constant one on one attention in a few private lessons to get started. Once they get to the point where they’re spending time in the lesson doing work without much help from me then moving into a small group can be beneficial for them.
  • Want to get ahead in Maths – they are highly motivated and do Maths homework at home. They come to each lesson with questions they need help with. They don’t need to practice questions in the tutoring session because they have the confidence and skills to work through questions on their own at home.


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