Why Constantly Reviewing Maths Doesn’t Always Work

Helen, the mother of one of my students asked me the other evening during her son’s lesson “Should Tyler be putting in time every night reviewing what he has already learnt?” My answer to that was “not necessarily”.

I don’t think constantly reviewing completed work is necessarily a good idea. If Tyler needs to review the work he’s done every day of the week that means he hasn’t really learnt and understood it the first time he did it.

If he had understood it, then he wouldn’t need to keep practicing it.

Maths in year 10 does get more difficult but it’s all based on simple concepts. If Tyler practices enough of the simple concepts and understands the process, he’ll find it easier to remember them.

Helen mistakenly thought that Tyler needs to constantly review Maths so he doesn’t forget it. But the real problem is that Tyler’s Maths teacher isn’t giving the class enough homework.

Instead they are given about 12 questions to do and told to finish them at home if they don’t finish them in class. So what do students do? They rush to get them all done at the expense of not really understanding the process of solving them.

Then they don’t have any homework to do!

Top schools like Toorak College and others work their students hard. They give them lots of homework in Maths to do because they know that it’s the only way of getting better at Maths. And getting better results.

If you want your child to more easily remember Maths which will help them get better results, then they need to do minimum an hour of Maths homework at home. So they can practice more of what they learnt in class. If they can’t do it on their own then they’ll need help to get through it.


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